GhostBed vs. Nectar Mattress Review

Last Updated on January 9, 2023

With new technology providing cooling comfort and support, memory foam mattresses have now become the bed of choice for consumers. Memory foam works to provide complete support contouring to the individual’s body as one moves to give total comfort. People are seeking the best of memory foam mattresses to relieve themselves of aches and pains and achieve a peaceful slumber.

Best Overall Mattress

The memory foam bed-in-a-box mattress has taken over as a bed of choice for those seeking the best in comfort with a wonderful free in-home trial period. When comparing GhostBed with Nectar these two companies come in neck-in-neck with 11-inch high mattresses that offer comfort and cooling. Both are priced comparably and each have sales to bring prices down even more. Each bed has decorative covers that zip off for easy cleaning.

GhostBed’s parent company is Nature’s Sleep with over 18-years of experience in the Mattress Industry. Nectar is a brand new company that has been around for about 2-years.

GhostBed is uncomplicated with its three layers below the cover working in unison to cool and respond to the body. Beneath its cover Nectar has four layers that work to adapt to the body. Although these two brands come very close in ratings, GhostBed squeezed into the lead with a score just above Nectar.


Chart that breaks down the Pros and Cons

Compiled as per Ted & Stacey’s Mattress Guides & Mattress Clarity

GhostBed Nectar
I. Price (Mattress Guides) 10.0 8.8
II. Materials/Durability (Real Mattress) 9.2 8.4
II. Comfort (Real Mattress) 9.75 9.5
IV. Warranty (Mattress Guides) 9.6 9.4
V. TRIAL PERIOD (Real Mattress) 101 Nights 365 Days

No longer are mattress buyers required to shop for a bed as if searching for a car. The bendable memory foam mattresses are now easily folded and shrink wrapped into a box for quick and easy delivery to one’s front door. Below is a summary of the findings by Ted & Stacey’s Mattress Guides and Mattress Clarity when reviewing GhostBed and Nectar.

I. Price

Size GhostBed *Nectar Mattress
Twin $995 $697 $499
Twin XL $1,140 $798 $669
Full $1,350 $945 $799
Queen $1,425 $998 $899
Traditional Size
$1,795 $1,257 $1,199
Cal King
Longer but Narrow
$1,825 $1,278 $1,199

*Prices might not reflect current promotions

Memory foam mattresses can be viewed as a luxury item when viewing prices that can climb into the thousands of dollars’ range. The bed-in-the-box mattress companies allow for a quality mattress without the overhead of a retail store adding onto the price. These beds are gaining favor with consumers seeking a quality mattress at an affordable price.

Price is not just rated for which brand bed costs lower to buy, but also for the value one is getting for the price paid. As noted by Mattress Clarity:

The Mattress Clarity reviewer noted about issues with people receiving mattresses from Nectar once ordered:

“People seemed to have had trouble getting their mattress on time – or at all- and customer service seems to been questionable as well based on many reviews."

GhostBed certainly comes out ahead when factoring is the quality of customer service in comparing the value one gets for their money from GhostBed versus Nectar.

II. Materials/Durability


With both the GhostBed and Nectar sporting attractive covers and sitting high at 11-inches they both are winners in appearance only. But it is what is underneath the outer shell that counts. Although Nectar touts four layers, less could prove to be more when it comes to durability with the GhostBed’s three layers.

The GhostBed mattress’ top layer is crafted with a 1.5-inch continuous aerated latex foam. This works to cool and comfort in keeping heat away from the body and instant responsiveness to the body. The middle layer is 2-inches of gel memory foam designed for cooling and support for relief of pressure from body points.

GhostBed’s 7.5-inch high density foam bottom foundation layer works as added support and longevity. Specifically noted by Mattress Clarity regarding the GhostBed bottom layer lending to a long-lasting product:

“The base support foam is denser than foam found in many other mattresses in this price range. This adds an extra amount of durability, so the mattress will last longer.”

Nectar has four layers with the top two being 1-inch each. The top layer is a comfort layer of quilted foam sewn to the cover. Next is the 1-inch of semi-open fast-recovery gel foam for cooling and support. In the center is a 3-inch memory grade cooling gel foam. The foundation layer is made of 6-inch high density foam for added support.

Nectar gets a poorer rating with their edge support. Mattress Clarity makes it a point to state, “The GhostBed’s edge support is much better than other all-foam mattresses I have reviewed. Both the Nectar and GhostBed covers zip off for easy cleaning. Although they can be machine washed both companies suggest spot cleaning with cold water and a mild detergent.

III. Comfort


Both mattresses are leaders when it comes to comfort. They each come in one universal firmness level. This is the medium firm level that is found to please most sleepers.

Where comfort can mean different things for different individuals, most people do find more comfort on a mattress that is responsive as they move. Both the GhostBed and Nectar work to support the contours of the body but Nectar falls short in responsive time as noted by Ted & Stacey’s Mattress Guides:

“The mattress does, however, present with a response time that is rather slow. When sleepers move or change positions an instant response time is lacking.”

In contrast to Nectar’s poor response time, Mattress Guides tout GhostBed’s design for giving it a quick responsiveness:

“The GhostBed, though a foam mattress, bounces back quickly primarily because of its innovative latex top layer.”

Both mattresses absorb motion easily and work to contour to the body. They both are stated to work well for couples. The GhostBed and Nectar both present minimal sinkage which keeps motion transfer down and makes it easy to move positions. In addition, the cooling technology used in building both the Nectar and GhostBed work to keep bed partners cool and comfortable for a healthy sleep.

IV. Warranty

20-Year Warranty
10-Year Warranty

Both the GhostBed and Nectar are pretty much tied in warranty. GhostBed offers an outstanding 20-year warranty. Nectar states that they will fully replace any mattress found to be defective in the first 10 years of ownership to the original owner. Additional coverage for both companies from year 10+ provides for repair or replacement as per the company’s discretion and its rules of warranty.

V. Trial Period

101 Nights
365 Days

A long trial period is important when being sure that the mattress purchase is the right choice. This is where Nectar comes out as the clear winner with a full year to try their mattress. Nectar states that if one has any reason to make the decision that the mattress is not perfect for them than they can return it within the 365-day trial time for a full refund.

GhostBed’s substantial 101-night trial period is definitely sufficient for one to know if their bed is right for them. GhostBed does request that one give their mattress at least 30 nights to try before making a final decision to return.

* Some of the reviewers may have affiliate relationships with GhostBed and receive a commission, similar with other mattress suppliers and consistent with industry practices.

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