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We’re not like other mattress companies.

We’re real people, just like you. We know mattresses. It’s what we do. It’s in our blood. We eat, breathe, and sleep (obviously) GhostBed. Making a real difference in our customers’ lives is what we live for.It’s our passion.

100 Years Of Global Design & Innovation

Early 1900's

Werner Family

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Change The Ladder Forever

Over the past 100 years, five generations of the Werner family have dedicated their lives to quality invention and innovation, starting with the Werner Ladder Company. They created the aluminum and fiberglass ladders – one that did its job each and every time it was used – and remain the #1 ladder company in the world.


Marc L. Werner

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Nature's Sleep is Started

Our CEO, Marc Werner, has applied that same philosophy to the GhostBed and many other sleep products. His desire to create the perfect mattress stemmed from his own personal experience. After three neck surgeries, he knew what it was like to live and sleep in constant pain.

So when he was unable to find a comfortable pillow and mattress to support his neck and back, he decided to invent his own. That’s when he founded Nature’s Sleep.


Marc L. Werner

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GhostBed’s Sleep Scientists Innovate

Marc knew that mattress shopping can be a real nightmare. With so many mattresses to choose from and less-than-helpful salespeople who stand over you during those quick 10-second “sleep tests” in the showroom, it can be confusing and frustrating. You feel pressured to make the right decision but you have absolutely no idea which mattress you should choose. He knew a more efficient, and more beneficial, means of mattress shopping would be to skip the showroom altogether and go direct to consumer with one mattress at one great price, with the convenience of purchasing right from your home.

December 1, 2015

Marc L. Werner

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GhostBed’s Defining Moment

Marc Werner launched the GhostBed mattress in a box so you can skip the showroom altogether and find your perfect mattress without ever leaving home!

The GhostBed perfectly conforms to your body, providing optimal support and the perfect night’s sleep. It was developed using more than 35 years of mattress design experience, the best materials and skilled American craftsmanship. With top quality latex and gel memory foam and a commitment to never take shortcuts, GhostBed guarantees your sleep satisfaction with an industry-leading 20-year warranty. And GhostBed replaces that “10-second showroom test” with a 101-Night Sleep Trial, giving you the time you need to try the GhostBed in the comfort of your own home. A Risk Free experience – let the consumer win!

July, 2016

Marc L. Werner

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GhostPillow is Launched

Marc tried almost every pillow on the market and not only were they uncomfortable, but he kept waking up with neck cramps. So when he was unable to find a pillow that supported his neck, he decided to invent the GhostPillow – the perfect real-time cooling pillow.

What makes it the “Perfect Pillow”? Engineered with aerated gel memory foam and our proprietary phase change cooling material to keep your head supported all night. The inner aerated mesh cover enhances the phase change cooling by allowing air to circulate, which translates into an amazing burst of cool air while you sleep.

October, 2017

Marc L. Werner

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GhostBed Luxe – The Coolest Bed in the World™

The 13” GhostBed Luxe is the only mattress with core & surface cooling technology that will keep you and your mattress cool and comfy all night long. The Luxe has seven layers of comfort/durability and comes in between 5.5/10 and 6.5/10 on the firmness scale.

Feel cooler the moment you lie down as our Ghost Ice Fabric and Gel Memory Foam Cooling Layer work together to cool you down as soon as you touch your mattress. Comfort is about more than cooling. That’s why GhostBed Luxe’s Gel Memory Foam layer adapts to you — relieving pressure points, stopping motion transfer, and eliminating the need to toss and turn. On top of that, our one-of-a-kind Ghost Bounce layer gives your body the buoyant support you need for improved, deeper sleep.

November, 2017

Marc L. Werner

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GhostBed Adjustable Power Base

As with the GhostBed, Marc knew that there was an opportunity to create a BETTER Adjustable base at a fraction of the cost, but still had all of the premium luxury features.

GhostBed’s Adjustable Base was created out of that principle and coined the phrase “Adjustable In a Box™”. Our Adjustable Base comes with 15 whisper-quiet massage modes, easy pre-set positions for lounging and watching TV, Zero Gravity Mode, USB ports on each side & glowing under-bed LED lights.

February, 2019

Marc L. Werner

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The GhostBed Flex Hybrid Mattress (Coils + Foam)

The new 13” GhostBed Flex hybrid mattress combines the sturdy support of individually-wrapped coils with the plush comfort of memory foam. The Flex is made with 7 specially engineered layers, including 8 ½” tall individual coils with reinforced edge support for the springy support you’ve been dreaming of.

For those who love the feel of memory foam but miss some qualities of a traditional innerspring mattress then the GhostBed Flex will be the answer to your perfect mattress dreams. GhostBed Flex provides otherworldly comfort combining the best of both types of mattresses without the drawbacks of feeling poking coils.

The GhostBed Flex, like all our mattresses, comes with our 101-night sleep trial and our leading 25-year warranty!

August, 2019

Marc L. Werner

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GhostBed 3D Matrix - 3-Dimensional Hybrid Comfort

Once you’ve created the Coolest Bed in the World™, why stop there? The latest in our collection of hybrids, the GhostBed 3D Matrix is our most luxurious mattress to date. The 12” 3D Matrix features 7 layers, perfectly crafted to contour, cradle, cool and support your body all in one mattress. And with our patented cooling technology, you’ll stay comfortable all night long.

So, how does it work? The magic is in our gel polymer layer, designed to absorb excess heat. As it does, the unique shape of this layer also draws the heat away from you—instead of trapping it within the mattress, like many others do.

Additional foam layers work alongside the 3D Matrix layer, stretching in all directions and relieving pressure points to virtually eliminate tossing and turning. Translation? You stay asleep longer, and wake up feeling totally refreshed.

November, 2020

Marc L. Werner

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GhostBed Silk Pillowcase - 100% Certified Mulberry Silk, 100% Luxurious

After our GhostPillows were such a big hit, Marc knew it was time to create a luxurious pillowcase to round out the collection. Enter: GhostBed’s 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase, designed to help you make your beauty sleep truly count!

Not only is Mulberry silk the highest quality silk available, we fine-tuned the details for a durable pillowcase that will last. Features include double-stitched edging and a strong internal zipper, for longevity you can count on. Plus, it’s comfortable and breathable, with beauty benefits to boot: silk provides a smooth surface for your skin and hair to rest on, so you can say goodbye to fine lines and bedhead.

November, 2020

Marc L. Werner

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GhostBed All-in-One Foundation™ - Box Spring & Foundation in One

Innovation never sleeps… unless you’re sleeping soundly on GhostBed’s newest All-in-One Foundation™. Our patent-pending Foundation combines sturdy all-metal construction with a contemporary slip-on cover, providing an elevated look while eliminating the need for a metal frame. Plus, the 2-piece, screw-on legs let you adjust the height for added personalization. Remove them altogether, or find just the right height for you.

Easy to assemble with only 5 pieces plus the slats, the All-in-One Foundation™ combines exceptional quality with expert craftsmanship—standing up to what you’ve come to expect from GhostBed.

April, 2021

Marc L. Werner

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GhostBed Natural - An Eco-Dream Come True

For years, GhostBed’s been an eco-friendly option within the bedding industry; our vacuum-sealed packaging helps keep the earth green by reducing wasted cardboard and maximizing space in freight trucks. But we knew it was time to go even further.

We introduced the GhostBed Natural as an option that gives a nod to Mother Nature, while maintaining the same level of comfort and quality as our other mattresses. Made with durable coils, genuine latex, natural wool and a luxuriously soft, pure organic cotton cover.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to produce and deliver the highest possible quality for a bigger, better, and more affordable mattress.

GhostBed mattresses are proudly manufactured in the United States. We make shopping easy with our hassle-free online shop and FREE nationwide shipping.

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